Digital Systems: Principles and Applications, 10th Edition

 Digital Systems : Principles and Applications, 10th Edition

Digital Systems : Principles and Applications, 10th Edition

  • Title: Digital Systems: Principles and Applications, 10th Edition
  • By: Ronald J. Tocci, Greg Moss and Neal Widmer
  • ISBN: 0131725793, 9780131725799
  • Format: eBook
  • Edition: Tenth



For Digital Electronics or Digital Systems courses requiring a comprehensive, class and time tested text with an emphasis on the “Digital System”.

Tocci, Digital Systems, 10e hands down the most widely used textbook in Digital Electronics, uses a block diagram approach to enable students to gain a firm understanding of logic principles before they study the electrical characteristics of the logic ICs. For each new device or circuit, the authors describe the principle of the operation, give thorough examples, and then show its actual application.

New To This Edition

For this new edition, the authors have meticulously worked to provide the right balance between existing and new material while keeping the size of the book within reason. This is a growing challenge due to revolutionary digital technology. Industry’s movement from using schematics to using hardware description language (HDLs) to describe complex digital systems has rendered obsolete many topics previously considered to be foundational. In addition, new technology demands the expansion and emphasis of other traditional concepts as it introduces many new tools and techniques for developing and analyzing digital systems.


Technical Updates:

  • Improved analysis of combinational circuits
  • Expanded coverage of the 555 timer in Chapter 5
  • Improved coverage of signed numbers in Chapter 6
  • Greater emphasis on synchronous counters in Chapter 7
  • More thorough coverage of state machines, with a practical example of a functional system
  • Revised and improved AHDL and VHDL coverage

Hallmark Features:

The 10th edition of this classic text continues to offer all of the necessary coverage for a solid foundation in Digital Electronics by retaining all of the following:

  • Clear and thorough presentation of all the vital principles that have proven effective with students for decades
  • Coverage of conventional, standard IC technology to allow a smooth transition to current digital technologies
  • The greatest amount of flexibility for the depth and breadth of individual courses
  • The capacity to be an excellent reference resource in settings outside the classroom
  • Techniques for applying HDLs to develop digital circuits and subsystems at the end of appropriate chapters
  • Coverage of Altera’s AHDL, a powerful introductory-level language that is great for beginners
  • Thorough introduction to VHDL, an industry-standard design language

Table of Contents

1. Introductory Concepts
2. Number Systems and Codes
3. Describing Logic Circuits
4. Combinational Logic Circuits
5. Flip-Flops and their Applications
6. Digital Arithmetic: Operations and Circuits
7. Counters and Registers
8. Integrated-Circuit Logic Families
9. MSI Logic Circuits
10. Interfacing with the Analog World
11. Memory Devices
12. Logic Circuits Description Using V DL
13. Programmable Logic Device Architectures
14. Digital System Projects Using VHDL

Author Bio

Tocci, Ronald J. : Monroe Community College

Widmer, Neal S. : Purdue University

Greg Moss : Purdue University


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Note: Instructor’s Solution Manual also included.

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